:: Purpose & Knowledge of Aikido
  • Purpose of Aikido

-to get benefits for your healthy body and strong power of mind,

-to develop your confidence, discard your bad manners and being down hearted,
-to have respect for each other and gain positine relationships among people,
-to live in harmony with the natural environment
  • Knowledge of Aikido Training
  1. Aikido can determine life or death with a single blowl; therefore when training, observe the directions of the instructor's teachings and do not engage in contests of strength.

2. Aikido is the way in which one is equivalent to thousands; therefore when training, one always neds to be mindful, not only of the front, but also of the four and eight directions.

3. Training should always be done in an enjoyable menner.

4. The instructor can only impart one portion of the teachings.To be able to utilize a technique, one must learn it through his/her own experience of diligent and ceaseless training. It is only at this time, that one will begin to remember with one's body. There is no purpose in wanting or pursuing many techniques. To master a technique, one needs to make each technique, one by one, his/her very own.

5. Daily training begins with tai no henko. Gradually increase the degree of intensity. One needs to make sure not to overxert the body. Even any elder should have no injury. Continue to train enjoyablely and strive to obtain the purpose of training.

6. Aikido is the training of mind and body. Its purpose is to produce sincere people. Since all techniques are entirely secret, they should not be revealed indiscriminately to the public. Wrongful use of any technique, by anyone, is to be avoided.

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