:: History of U Thaung Din Sen Sei (Founder of Myanmar Aikikai)



      Sensei U Thaung Din was born of parents U Ba Ke' and Daw Mya Cho in 1930 in Yangon, Myanmar. In his childhood days he learned show traditional martial Arts.He received his early education in Darjeeling, India and at that time took up western boxing as his hobby. On his return from India, he continued his studies in Myanmar during which time he become a boxing coach at the Yangon University Boxing Club.

1953 - Aritomo Murashige Sensei ( 8th Dan ) met U Thaung Din at Yangon University. U Thaung Din learned Aikido from Aritomo Murashige.

1955 - Seigo Yamaguchi Sensei arrived Myanmar and met U Thaung Din. U Thaung Din learned Aikido from Seigo Yamaguchi Sensei.

1955 - Formed Burma Aikikai at U Thaung Din Sensei residence in Myanmar Chief Iustructor was U Thaung Din Sensei. U Thaung Din Sensei stood second in the whole of Burma's Boxing Cham pionship.

1956 - 1963 Secretary of Burma Judo Federation in Myanmar.
15.11.1960, Conferred 2nd Dan (No. 264) from O' Sensei.
30.11.1963, U Thaung Din Sensei got the 3rd Dan (No. 288) from O' Sensei.

1969 - Chief Instructor of Aikido-Karate Combat Burma Rifle Army at Taungu district.

1970 - Chief Instructor of No.12 Infantry Strike Force at Loilem, Southern Shan State.

1975 - Chief Instructor of Aikido-Karate Combat South-East Headquarters at Mawlamying, lower Burma.

Jan 1996 - conferred 4th Dan from Kissumaru Ueshiba Do Shu (Hombu).

Dec.5,1996 - U Thaung Din Sensei Founder of Myanmar Aikikai passed away. He leaves behind wife Daw Nyunt Nyunt Aye and son U Nyunt Din ( President of U Thaung Din Style of Self-Defence in Russia ) and ( Honourable Consultant of Myanmar Aikikai ).
U Thaung Din Sensei studied a variety of Martaisl Arts :
Myanmar Thaing, Jujitsu, Aiki Kendo, Karate, Stick fighting ( Indian ) and Hand-to-Hand Combat ( Guntha-Shelia and Mancheria ).

Training of Burma Aikikai in Kandawgyi Park
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