:: History of Myanmar Aikikai
1951 - Shihan Aritomo Murashige 8th Dan (1st Gereration of O Sensei) arrive to Myanmar for teach Aikido to the Police Forces in Mandalay.
1953 -

Aritomo Murashige Sensei contect with Yangon University sport committee and U Thaung Din (the Boxing instructor of Yangon University) learn the Aikido from Murashige Shihan.


1955 -

Aritomo Murashige Sensei connected Hombu (Japan Aikikai) and Burma Aikikai (U Thaung Din's Residence 11 (A) Shan Road, Saunchaung Township) which is the foundation of Burma Aikikai in Myanmar.

1955 - When Seigo Yamaguchi Shihan (3rd Gereration O Sensei) arrived in Myanmar, U Thaung Din Sensei continue the Aikido learn from Yamaguchi Sensei. After that, U Thaung Din Sensei teach the Aikido in Myanmar and come out the many Aikidoka in Myanmar. But Burma Aikikai has been stop the connection with Hombu by the various reasons. Although disconnect with Hombu, Burma Aikikai continue in Myanmar.
1995 - Ohashi Sensei (4th Dan Fujitsu Aikikai) come and meet U Thaung Din Sensei and reconnect with Hombu.
5.12.1996- The father of Myanmar Aikikai U Thaung Din passes away. U Thaung Din Sensei leave word to Ohashi Sensei for Myanmar Aikikai. U Nyunt Din (Son of U Thaung Din Sensei) and U MYA SEIN (Instructor of Myanmar Aikikai) should be manage and improve of Myanmar Aikikai.
14.12.1996- According to the U Thaung Din Sensei will and Ohashi Sensei wish, Ohashi Sensei register in Hombu, U Nyunt Din as a Representative and U MYA SEIN as a chief instructor of Myanmar Aikikai. (New Organization)
1997 - U NYUNT DiN (Representative of Myanmar) retire from Myanmar Aikikai Cause of the health and handover to U MYA SEIN Sensei. U MYA SEIN Sensei continue manage to Myanmar Aikikai and teach the Aikido in Myanmar. U MYA SE1N Sensei hardly try to teach in Yangon, Mandalay and Pyay. U MYA SEW Sensei discuss with U NYUNT DIN
(Honourable Consultant of Myanmr Aikikai) and teach the Aikido in Myanmar. Today Myanmar Aikikai can open the two Dojo in Mandalay and one Dojo in Yangon legally.

Myanmar Aikikai is not only the longes life of Aikido team in Myanmar but also the first Aikikai in international after the Japan Aikikai and operate as a non-profit organization in Myanmar.
Our Dojo is small but our heart are very large for aikido.Anybody can come and join us for aikido. Now, we are open door on world wide web for aikido. Home | History of Myanmar Aikikai |Purpose & Knowledge of Aikido|Founder of Myanmar Aikikai| Brief Personal History of Chief Instructor | Organization Chart | Dojo And Timetable | Activities of Myanmar Aikikai Golden Jubilee | The Classical 50 Basic Techniques | Photo Gallery | Contact Us
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