:: Activities of Myanmar Aikikai
  • Examination
      Semi-annual examination for Kyu grade usually held on the Sunday of the last week in June and December. Suitable Time for dan grade exam when shihan in Myanmar.
After Examiniation Summer Students and Mya  Sein Sensei 2005 summer cluss of Ohashi Dojo
  Summer Students enjoy with nuddle  
  • Anniversary
      • The memorial Ceremony for O sensei on April 26. Myanmar Aikikai demonstration in Dojo and pray Myanmar style for O sensei.
    • The next memorial Anniversary of U Thaung Din sensei on 5th December. In the morning, we go to the cementery to clean the tomb of Thaung Din sensei and pray. In the Evening, we practice the 50th Basic Aikido techniques of U Thaung Din Sensei which we had learned from U Thaung Din Sensei.
  • Ourdoor Training
       At lease twice a year after the exam of the Kyu grade.
Beside of the Old pagodar (Out door Training) (Senior Group of Ohashi Dojo) Out door Training of senior group of Ohashi Dojo Outdoor Training in Hlawgar Garden
Out door Training in the mud & under the rain Jeru waza of U Lin Aung  Sensei (Dojo Cho of Ohashi Dojo)  
  • Demonstration
       Myanmar Aikikai Demonstration in school and stadium for public.
The first Aikido Demostration in mandalay (26.2.2000) Demonstration at FMI city, Yangon (8th Anniversany of U Thaung Din Sensei) (Ma Aye Nain Thu & Kyaw Swa) Demonstration at FMI city, Yangon (8th Anniversany of U Thaung Din Sensei)(Aung Ko Latt and Kyaw Swa)
Demonstration at FMI city, Yangon (8th Anniversany of U Thaung Din Sensei)(Ko San Win (Dojo cho, mandalay)) Demonstration at FMI city, Yangon (8th Anniversany of U Thaung Din Sensei)(Ma Htet Htet Lwin Maung & Bo Bo)  
  • Respect and Gratitude to sensei (The Light Festival)
       According to Buddhist tradition, the Lord Buddha spent one lent at Tavatimsa (August, September, October), the abode of gods, preaching the profoundest section of his doctrine to the gods. Led by the god who had been his mother in the previous existence. He returned to earth at the end of the lent. As he arrived back at dusk, the people waiting for his return lighted his way with candles, lamps and torches. The Thadingyut (7th month of Myanmar) festival celebrates that event. Myanmar young people pay their respects to elderly relations, parents. Ceremonies for paying respects to teachers (Sensei) are also held at this time. Myanmar Aikiki young students pay their big respects to Sensei and the young people are very happy in the light festival.
Respect and Gratitude to sensei
  • Oversea experance
In Singapore In Malaysia In Singapore
In Ohashi Dojo In Ohashi Dojo
  • Donation
  • Mandalay Dojo
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